Monday, October 10, 2016


Wake up or get killed.

Some people afraid policies from which other nations get stronger. They do worship policies that makes America weak and greedy nations get stronger and overtaking America through your own policies. Not only overtaking you but also working hard. tireless and sleepless to destroy your supremacy.

USA’s economical and security stability is world’s economical and security stability too. American needs someone strong and eager to fight for the country who will work hard and tireless to overcome challenges and dangers which are inside and outside your doors.

Important questions all Americans should ask yourselves; how Trump’s bad words said behind the scenes has contributed to increase of security and economy instability of USA?, or how those words has contributed to the loss of jobs and increase US national debt?. Did he say them in public? If not why didn’t he say in public?  Obviously there is high respect to women in his heart that’s why he didn’t say in public. The bad guy and the one who has to be hated is the one who brought it in public.

On my opinion, those bad words Trump has said are forgivable to wise people because they have no contributions to serious and dangerous issues face America and the world today. But think about what other have done and said and get your own answers.

I’m not influencing US election but I’m concerned because as I have said before Economical and Security stability of USA is World Economical and Security Stability too. Wise people understands me.

God Bless America

Jacob Malihoja

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